Chiemi Takakura
Character Basics
Japanese 高倉 千江美
Romanized Takakura Chiemi
Seiyū Kikuko Inoue
Debut Episode 05
Biological Stats
Gender Female
Race Human
Biographical Information
Family Kenzan Takakura (husband)

Kanba Takakura (son)
Shōma Takakura (son)
Himari Takakura (daughter)

Chiemi Takakura (高倉 千江美 Takakura Chiemi?) is Kenzan Takakura's wife and the mother of siblings, Kanba, Shōma, and Himari.


Chiemi is a gentle, caring and patient mother that cares for her children.



As seen in episode 9, we can assume she professes a strong and selfless love for her daughter Himari; she was extremely comprehensive and benign with her, despite Himari's grudge and egoist response, that accidentally caused Chiemi to get severely physically injured.


She is particularly involved in the terrorist attack 16 years ago, making her and her husband as the suspect of the bombing in the subway. She was never seen til then.


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