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Gray Wednesday
Gray wednesday
Kanji: 灰色の水曜日
Romaji: hai iro no suiyobi
Singer(s)/Band: Triple H
Label Starchild
Anime Use Episode 9 (insert song), Episode 13, Episode 15, Episode 18
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Gray Wednesday is sung by Triple H (Himari, Hibari, Hikari). It's a cover of ARB's original song, and was first played near the end of Episode 9. It later become the ending theme for some episodes.


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
届かない想い 引き裂かれてく絆Todokanai omoi hikisakareteku kizunaMy feelings can't reach you, Our bonds being torn apart
何もなかったように 雲は流れていくさNani mo nakatta yō ni kumo wa nagarete iku saThe clouds drift away regardlessly on a
灰色の 水曜日よHaiiro no suiyōbi yoGrey Wednesday
さぁ想い出して 輝いていた頃をSā, omoidashite kagayaite ita koro woNow, remember the spectacular past
何もかも眩しくて 恋に落ちてた頃をNanimokamo mabushikute koi ni ochi teta koro woWhen everything was bright, when you fell in love
さぁ想い出して 愛し合ってた頃をSā omoidashite aishiatte ta koro woNow, remember the time we loved each other
真剣なまなざしで 見つめあってた頃をShinken'na manazashi de mitsumeatte ta koro woWhen we stared into each other's eyes
さぁ想い出して 輝いていた頃をSā omoidashite kagayaite ita koro woNow, remember the spectacular past
夢に生きてた頃を 愛し合ってた頃をYume ni ikite ta koro wo aishiatte ta koro woWhen you lived for a dream, when you loved each other

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