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Keiju Tabuki (多蕗 桂樹 Tabuki Keiju?) is Kanba and Shoma's homeroom teacher at West Garden High School. He is also the fiancé of Yuri Tokikago, a famous actress at the Sunshiny Theatre Troupe.


He is first shown as a lighthearted and maybe somewhat naive boy, but is later revealed that he's got a really dark and vengeful side that makes him a very tormented and helpless person.


Ringo OginomeEdit

He is unaware of Ringo's obsession with him and thinks nothing more of her than a sister.

Yuri TokikagoEdit

Tabuki is engaged to the famous Sunshiny Theatre Troupe actress, Yuri Tokikago. She treats him indulgently and finds his seeming naivety child like and cute.

Momoka OginomeEdit

He seems to have shared romantic feelings with Ringo Oginome's sister, Momoka Oginome, and her death left a definite impact. They attended the same school together as children, and Momoka worked him into her future according to her Diary.


On March 20, 1995 when Tabuki was about 10 years old he was late getting up for school and missed a fatal train attack. Unfortunately the attack killed his childhood friend, Momoka Oginome. He later attended her funeral in disbelief.

Teenage Tabuki

Tabuki as a student.

Tabuki remained friendly with the Oginome family, and was known to visit for dinner on "Curry Days". He's known Ringo since birth, and when she was about eleven[2] she seems to become taken with him, and eventually believes that in place of Momoka she will love him.

As a teenager, Tabuki attended West Garden High School where he would later teach biology.

He also met and then started going out with Yuri Tokikago, a popular and beautiful actress, and became engaged to her. They announced their engagement at a party attended by Ringo and Shoma, and moved in with Yuri the same night. Later, they break off their marriage after realizing that they can not create a fake family together. He quits his job in episode 19 and it is unknown where he went. In the last episode, he stays together with Yuri, realizing why they were left behind in the world.


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