Mario Natsume
Character Basics
Japanese 夏芽 マリオ
Romanized Natsume Mario
Seiyū Kazusa Aranami
Debut Episode 09
Biological Stats
Gender Male
Race Human
Biographical Information
Family Masako Natsume

Mario Natsume is a young boy that is the younger brother of Masako Natsume. He also has a Penguin Hat like Himari's, but his has a little crown on the top.

This hat also has an "entity" that can control the body of Mario.


Mario is mysterious boy who bears the second penguin hat; and the younger brother of Masako. He is a sickly boy that requires the penguin hat to live, like Himari. He is also next in line to lead the clan, being the only male heir. 


Masako NatsumeEdit

Masako is Mario's older sister. She cares a lot for him, even if it means to eat the poisonous blow fish to free his grandfather's posession within him. And is trying to obtain Ringo Oginome's diary to free him from his illness.


Like Masako, Mario also is a true biological sibling of Kanba, although the two are not seen in any direct interactions due to Mario's young age upon their seperation.

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