Character Basics
Japanese ソウヤ
Romanized Souya
Seiyū Motoki Takagi
Debut Episode 12
Biological Stats
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Bunny
Biographical Information
Occupation Sanetoshi's assistant

Souya (ソウヤ Souya?) is the humanoid form of one of the two Black Bunnies, along with Shirase, that always accompany Sanetoshi from episode 12 till up over the show.


Nothing is deep explored about his personality, only a quirky boy with a supportive, loyal and cheerful attitude towards Sanetoshi.


Sanetoshi WataseEdit

Spoiler: It's revealed in episode 23 that both he and Shirase are the result of a spell made by Momoka who split Sanetoshi's soul in two.



  • He is the one with the tips of his headband tied down.
  • His voice is not as light than Shirase's.


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