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Sunshiney City Aquarium
Location Information
Station Ikebukuro
Station No. M-25
First Appearance Episode 01
Hello Hello

Sunshiney City Aquarium is the aquarium where Himari Takakura got her Penguin Hat and where she first died. Himari, Shoma, and Kanba used to go there as young children.

Ringo Oginome also used to go there with her parents where they had matching penguin cell phone charms from the gift shop, as the penguins were their favorite. Ringo later catches her father there with his new family seeing the moray eels.

When Himari died, she saw Penguin #3 leading her into a secret elevator, which led to the Central Library's Hole in the Sky branch where she met Sanetoshi Watase.

Kiga Group appears to have a base there, as this is where Himari ended up after chasing after Kanba.

It is based on the real-world Sunshine Aquarium.