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A timeline based on given dates from the series.


Date References Event(s)
1985 Episode 12
N/A Episode 15
  • Yuri starts to "shape" under her father's hands.
  • Yuri meets Momoka.
  • Momoka changes Yuri's fate and makes Yuri's Father disappear.
1995 March 20

  • Subway Attack.
  • Momoka dies (10); Tabuki (10).
  • Ringo, Kanba and Shoma are born.
1999 March 19

1999 March 20 Episode 6
  • Ringo's Birthday. Ringo (4).

  • Tokyo Sky Metro subway system is put into effect.

  • Shoma and Kamba "starve as they are trapped in caged boxes".

2005 March 20 Episode 6
  • Ringo's Birthday; Curry Day. Ringo (10); Tabuki (19).
  • Ringo speaks with Tabuki about Momoka.
2006 March 20

  • Ringo's Birthday; Curry Day. Ringo (11); Tabuki (20)**.
2007 May 5

  • Hibari, Hikari, and Himari apply to 16 Magazine's idol competition and are rejected. Himari (9).
2008 Episode 9
  • Hibari, Hikari, and Himari form "Triple H".
  • Chiemi is permanently scarred when trying to protect Himari.
2008 Episode 9
  • Himari, Hibari, and Hikari catch the school koi fish.

  • Police investigate the Takakura Residence and Kenzan's and Chiemi's involvement in the subway incident. Kamba (13); Shoma (13); Himari (9-10).
2008 Episode 9
  • Himari stops going to school.
2009 Episode 9
2011 July 24

  • Himari watches Double H on Music JAPoooooN.

  • Dr. Washizuka tells Kamba and Shoma, Himari's death is inevitable. Himari (13).
2011 October Episode 1
  • Himari Day.
  • The Takakura siblings go to the Aquarium. Kamba (16); Shoma (16); Himari (13); Ringo (16).
  • Himari dies then is revived thanks to the Penguin Hat.
2011 October 15 (Sat)

  • The package of penguins arrive. Shoma goes to school.
  • Himari first fully transforms into the Princess of the Crystal.
2011 October 19 (Fri)*

  • Kamba and Shoma follow Ringo around for the day.
2011 October 20 (Thu)

  • Curry Day.
  • Ringo meets Yuri for the first time. And meets Himari shortly after.
2011 October 22 Episode 4
  • Tabuki, Yuri, Ringo, and Shoma go birdwatching.
  • The "Heart-Broken Victims of Takakura Kamba Assocation" confront Kamba at a resteraunt.
  • Asami is pushed down the stairs at Akasaka-mitsuke station.
2011 October Episode 5
  • Typhoon hits Tokyo.
  • Ringo meets the Princess of the Crystal for the first time. Then agrily throws the penguin hat away. Kanba recovers it.
2011 October Episode 6
  • Shoma helps Ringo move her things to under Tabuki's apartment.
2011 November 1

  • "The Tragedy of M" opens as HSK.
2011 November Episode 7
  • Tabuki and Ringo see the "The Tragedy of M".
2011 November 6 Episode 7
  • Tabuki and Yuri announce thier engagement at a party where she tells the press she'll be retiring from acting.
2011 November 11 Episode 7
  • Ringo performs the frog ceremony with Shoma's help.
2011 November Episode 7
  • Ringo decides to forcefully put "Project M" into action by sneaking into Tabuki's room. But Tabuki stays the night with Yuri.
2011 November Episode 8
  • Tabuki fully moves in with Yuri.
2011 November

  • A typhoon moves in over Tokyo.
  • Ringo and Shoma visit Tabuki at his new apartment. Ringo drugs Tabuki and Shoma, then attempts to rape Tabuki.
  • The end half of the Diary is torn away by a stranger riding a motorbike.
  • Shoving Ringo out of the way, Shoma is hit by a car.
2011 Episode 10
  • Shoma wakes up at To'oh Hospital and is shortly abducted by Masako Natsume.
  • Masako coerces Ringo to give the front half of the Diary in exchange of the twins' safety.
2011 November 17 (Thurs)

2011 November 27

  • "The Tragedy of M" has a final show at HSK.

Unknown Month/YearEdit

Date References Event(s)
 ???? 20 (Tue)*

  • Curry Day
  • Yuri proposes to Tabuki.

*Please Note: There is an error visible in one screenshot. October 15th and 20th are correctly shown as a Saturday and Thursday, but October 19th is shown as a Friday when it was really a Wednesday.

**Please Note: Eriko appears to say that Tabuki is just graduating high school, though that should have happened a couple of years prior had he had a normal education. This is never explained.

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