Tsubasa Yūki
Character Basics
Japanese 結城 翼
Romanized Yuuki Tsubasa
Seiyū Romi Paku
Debut Episode 07
Biological Stats
Gender Female[1]
Race Human
Biographical Information
Occupation Actor
Affiliation Sunshiny Theatre Troupe

Tsubasa Yuuki (結城 翼 Yūki Tsubasa?) is an actress who belongs in the same acting troupe as Yuri Tokikago.


Tsubasa is very talented in playing male roles, and seems more comfortable in a masculine role even on her off hours. Shōma Takakura has described her as "...much more stylish and masculine than I..."[1] She is is very melodramatic, and her hair style and manner of speech seems more suited for pre-1990's shoujo mangas.



Tragedy of MEdit



  1. 1.0 1.1 Mawaru-Penguindrum (Volume 1), Chapter 7, she is described as "an actresses who plays male roles," and "much more stylish and masculine than [Shoma], even though I'm actually a boy."

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