Yōsuke Yamashita
Character Basics
Japanese 山下 洋介
Romanized Yamashita Yōsuke
Seiyū Ryōsuke Sakamaki
Debut Episode 01
Biological Stats
Gender Male
Race Human
Biographical Information
Occupation Student
Affiliation West Garden High School

Yōsuke Yamashita is Shōma Takakura's classmate.



Shouma TakakuraEdit

Yōsuke is a classmate of Shouma, referring to him as "Takakura Ototo" or "Baby Shouma" in contrast to Kanba. Despite always mentioning girls around Shouma, Yōsuke has been shown to be very physically affectionate with him.

It is confirmed in the 3rd excerpt of the 7th audio drama that Yamashita is in love with Shouma.



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