Yuri Tokikago
Character Basics
Japanese 時籠 ゆり
Romanized Tokikago Yuri
Seiyū Mamiko Noto
Debut Episode 03
Biological Stats
Age 26[1]
Gender Female
Race Human
Biographical Information
Occupation Actress
Affiliation Sunshiny Theatre Troupe
Family Keiju Tabuki (fiancé)

Unnamed Father
• Unnamed Mother

Chara yuri

Yuri Tokikago (時籠 ゆり Tokikago Yuri?) is a famous actress belonging to the Sunshiny Theatre Troupe and the fiancé of Keiju Tabuki, a homeroom teacher at West Garden High School.


Despite being a famous and popular figure, Yuri always portrays a humble and gentle mood. She has a kind smile and word for every fan who approaches her even during her private outings. Those characteristics, mixed with her attractive appearance, make her an appealing and charismatic person. Tabuki really adores and loves her, and Shouma Takakura agrees that Yuri is a very admirable woman.

Despite all of this, Yuri hides an insecure and dark side. She believes the world is made of lies and that no one would accept her if they knew her completely, with the exception of Momoka Oginome.


Keiju TabukiEdit

Yuri and Keiju are in a loving relationship. While she demonstrates a caring and somewhat maternal attitude toward him, he also thinks she's greatly admirable and kind. He always compliments how good her cooking skills are, and we see him acting like another diehard fan when he goes to see Yuri's play.[2] It is later revealed that their marriage is a sham in hopes of creating a real family. In episode 19, Keiju leaves her when he realizes that dream of a family will never work. In the last episode, she and Keiju decide to stay together as they realize why they were left behind in the world.

Ringo OginomeEdit

Yuri is no fool, and is quite aware of Ringo Oginome's intentions toward Tabuki. Regardless, she treats Ringo as sweetly as she does anyone else, but stands firm in her own feelings for Tabuki, and makes it quite clear that she believes Ringo stands no chance against her.[3] Yuri is also the one that realizes at first Ringo's love for Shoma. Later on, she attempts to rape Ringo as part of a plan to make her into Momoka, but does not succeed. She later returns the half of the diary to Ringo.

Momoka OginomeEdit

They were childhood friends. Yuri initially rejected Momoka's unconditioned love due to what her father had told her. Momoka proves her love for Yuri by sacrificing herself in order to change Yuri's fate. Yuri seems to have loved Momoka and that's why she wants Ringo to become Momoka. When Keiju leaves her in episode 19, Yuri claims that she'll bring Momoka back on her own.


Background Edit

As a little girl, she loved her father, who was a very famous artist/sculptor, despite the fact he was abusing her with the excuse of making her beautiful. He would often tell her that beautiful things in the world are the ones that would be loved while "ugly things" like her would be tossed aside.

When Yuri was chosen by Momoka to be partners for an art assignment to draw each other's portraits, Momoka tells Yuri how beautiful she thought she was, but Yuri thinks it was all lies. Momoka wants Yuri to trust her, so she reveals the secret behind the diary she possesses, explaining that with a spell Momoka has the ability to transfer fates at a certain price, depending on the subject. Momoka wants to change Yuri's fate because she was going to eventually die by her father. Yuri explains that she cannot escape as long as the tower in front of her father's atelier still stands. Momoka then uses her spell, causing her body to spontaneously combust leaving her with serious non fatal burns, and Yuri is saved from her father; consequently changing the tower's shape.

Tragedy of MEdit


Play banner.

It was a theatrical and musical performance at the Sunshiny Theatre and Yuri played the part of Marie Antoinette, an actual historical figure from the 18th Century. She sang the song called Tragedy of M, which was the main theme song of the play.


  • Yuri is often associated with the phrase "Fabulous Max~" by Ringo's fantasies; she first used that phrase in episode 3 where she debuts, but it wasn't until episode 14 that she did it in presence of Ringo.


  1. Episode 14, Yuri is childhood friends with Tabuki and Momoka.
  2. Tabuki and Ringo go see The Tragedy of M in episode 7.
  3. In 4th episode, Yuri clearly tells Ringo, "I don't think you've got any chance against me."

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